flash fiction fun


An amazing day of fabulous writing in the company of awesome writers!

A chilly Melbourne Monday morning; rush in the air as everyone hastily makes their way to work with an extreme sense of urgency, there I was… standing at the steps of the Wheeler Centre about to make my way into an all-day writing workshop on Flash Fiction. Filled with excitement and nerves, I walked in ready to embark a creative writing journey!

Angela Meyer, author of Captives and a fabulous flash fiction writer was our facilitator and as she took us all on a journey of capturing the essence of a character, incident and setting in a matter of a few words, it was clear that writing less involved so much more.

As the day went by, I fell more and more enthralled with a genre I had actually never written before. Meyer recited the works of popular literary flash fiction authors along with her own works, which were all so inspiring.

In a safe and friendly environment we also got a great opportunity to draft and share our own flash fiction stories.

From the activities to learning the technique and all the conversations in between, it was all-in-all a wonderful day and I can’t wait to write more flash fiction stories.

Now tomorrow I’m off to Writers Victoria again for an all day workshop on Feature writing. I’m already looking forward to it!

There are still a few more days of Writers Victoria Winter School so definitely check it out if you’re interested in experiencing a day of inspiring conversations and wonderful writing.

If you’re interested in more events featuring Angela Meyer, check out the Events on her blog Literary Minded.

Oh and why the terrarium on top of the books, you ask? Well I went to a terrarium workshop straight after the flash fiction workshop. Yep, it was a pretty awesome Monday!